-MORE TICKETS ADDED- Tour of Inscape building and Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore

Peek into Seattle's past with a tour of the city's 77,000-square-foot former Immigration and Naturalization Services building, plus a visit to the Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore for rare D.B. Cooper, UFO, and Bigfoot-related artifacts

Seattle, Washington

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Between 1932 and 2004, the hulking brick building on Seattle Boulevard South processed thousands of nervous immigrants hoping for a better life in America. While some had their papers stamped within a matter of hours, others were detained, deported, or caught in a legal limbo that saw them jailed in the building for years.

The building is currently being transformed into artist studios, but traces of the original dormitories, offices, recreation yards, and solitary confinement cells remain. This Obscura Day, Inscape project Sam Farrazaino will lead a tour that takes us from the ground floor (with its handprints showing immigrants where to be frisked) to the "spooky attic" full of the building's original fixtures.

Afterwards, we'll stop in at the Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore (formerly known as the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries) to check out their selection of artifacts related to D.B. Cooper, Bruce Lee, the Maury Island UFO incident, and other local paranormal events. For those interested, the tour will conclude with a stop at the historic Panama Hotel for tea, coffee, and/or pastries.


03:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Hosted by

Bess Lovejoy


815 Seattle Boulevard South,
Seattle, Washington, USA

Special instructions

Please meet outside the central front doors of Inscape at 3 pm. The building is located across the street from the Uwajimaya parking lot. The Northwest Museum of the Mysteries can only accomodate about seven people at a time, so if we get a large group we may need to tour the museum in batches.