-SOLD OUT- Strange Artifacts and Hidden Wonders on the Hill

Join the Elsewhere Philatelic Society Presents for an exploration and adventure in Potrero Hill

San Francisco, California

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The Elsewhere Philatelic Society seeks intrepid adventurers and those not afraid of a little perambulation to aid in finding its president. The beloved leader of the EPS has been missing for nigh-on six months now, and the Society is quite worried about him. Perhaps you could pack a snack and hie thee to San Francisco's Potrero Hill, where you will be greeted with grateful grins and helpful maps! Also there will be stamps! And art! Read on...

Rarely seen above-ground, the Elsewhere Talismanic Object Appreciation Society (ETOAS) has an enviable collection of artifacts--the largest number in years! Ranging from esoteric bits of machine parts to life-size carrier pigeon replicas, the ETOAS welcomes members of the public to view its current holdings in the picturesque grounds of McKinley Square Park, proximate to the very curvy Vermont Street, in scenic Potrero Hill.


12:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Pacific Time (US & Canada)


Meet at McKinley park
919 Vermont St.
San Francisco, California, USA

Special instructions

Art show commences at 12 noon and concludes at 4 pm. Adventurers may continue exploring the area past the hour of 4 pm, though some elements of the walk will close at 5pm.

Meeting at the south end of McKinley park, at the bottom of the stairs, proximate to 919 Vermont St.

Bring walking shoes, imagination, pen or pencil. A camera or smartphone may be helpful.