-SOLD OUT- Lost Streams of NYC: Walk the Route of Minetta Brook & Canal Street Canal

Discover the underground worlds of lost urban waterways and sewers and how to interpret the manhole covers that lead into them on an (above-ground) walk with urban explorer & historian Steve Duncan

New York, New York

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Join Steve Duncan of the Undercity blog for a walking tour through Greenwich Village in NYC along the route of the old Minetta Brook (approx. 1.5 miles) to the Hudson River, followed by a shorter walk along Canal Street (approx. 0.5-1 miles) above the route of its eponymous canal that later became New York City's first underground sewer.

We will talk about the history of these watercourses and how they impacted the city's development, as well as how they were transformed into underground tunnels and sewers. We'll also look at manhole covers, street names, and the other surface-level clues as to what's underground, and at the older manhole covers we'll use flashlights to peer down the tiny ventilation holes that give a little bit of a glimpse into this underground network.


03:00 PM to 07:00 PM
Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Hosted by

Steve Duncan


Minetta Brook
E 14th St
New York, New York, USA

Special instructions

Be prepared to walk a few miles