Know Your Enemy: A Day at the Museum of Human Disease

A no holds barred exploration of what really kills people in Australia

Kensington, Australia

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The Museum of Human Disease will be full of experts on Obscura Day to help you understand what diseases are all about and what they want to do to you. Presentations, discussions, experiments and dissections will be distributed through the day at Australia's only publicly accessible medical collection.

Australia’s only publicly accessible pathology collection will be more exciting for Obscura Day, with expert talks on diseases, medical research and the best ways to avoid our many human conditions, dissections of sheep brains, pigs hearts and cows eyes and comparative anatomy and pathology discussions, and a bit of hands on self experimentation.  A complete timetable will be available closer to the day.

Join us later in the evening for a demonstration of preserving tissue - Details: Pickled People


10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Hosted by

Derek Williamson


Museum of Human Disease
Samuels Building, via Gate 11
University of New South Wales
Kensington, New South Wales, 2033, Australia

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Not suitable for young children